National Science Week

National Science Week is an annual festival of science that takes place in August each year. This celebration aims to raise the profile and increase the public understanding and public appreciation of science, innovation, engineering and technology, and their role in maintaining and improving our society, economy and environment.

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  • This year Xavier joined many schools around the nation to celebrate Science Week. Students took part in daily competitions and quizzes to show off their science knowledge. On the final day we witnessed some budding engineers show off their paper plane building skills to compete in the Xavier High Fly Paper Plane competition. Many students turned up to fly their creation.  The winner of the ‘Furthest Flight’ category was Jack Nelson (Yr. 8) with a distance of 27.1m, and the winner of ‘Longest Air Time’ was Pat Blain (Yr7), whose design flew for 5.8seconds. Thank you to all who participated in the events.