National Science Week – Barry Jones

On Thursday August 15 I had the opportunity to attend a speech in correspondence to Science Week. The speaker that was Barry Jones, a former science minister. Barry spoke about the problems that are going to arise from the two political parties of Australia neglecting the idea of science. The conflict in timelines and funding between politicians and scientists as well as the impression that science is too difficult means that Australia is going to face problems in the future.

He also addressed the education system in respect to science subjects, saying that Australia was no chance for competing countries in terms of results in science but excelling in numeracy and literacy.

Barry had many terrific ideas about what was to come of Australia and had a special talent for explaining the complicated ideas in a simple, interesting and understandable manner. Many people left the afternoon with Barry inspired and in awe at how smart he really is. I also had the opportunity to have afternoon tea with Barry and it’s an experience I’ll never forget. I could literally sit down, talk and listen to Barry just about all day.

The Science Week speech at CSU was a one of a kind experience and I recommend attending it next year, regardless of what speaker it may be, for all those budding scientists.

Written by Kyle McBain
(Year 11 Student)