National Day Of Positive Action – Bullying No Way!

Today is a national day of positive action against bullying and violence.
Every year, the positive day of action is a catalyst for over one million Australian students to take a stand together, in around 3000 schools, to send a clear message:
Bullying. No Way!
Xavier High School is taking a stand with the community to say NO WAY towards bullying!

Our Staff and students from Years 7 to 11 gathered on the oval today to form a human chain portraying the anti-bullying message – Bullying. No Way! Student leaders were instrumental in coordinating the activity for the national day of action. It is time that students, staff, and parents take a stand together to bring about change. Our thanks to Mr. Ian Bennett for volunteering his time and plane to fly over not only our school but other schools in the area to record each school’s message. In addition, Xavier students will create murals around the school to promote further awareness of today’s national anti-bullying campaign.

A group of our students represented Xavier this morning down at the Albury Airport before Ian Bennett took flight over the school’s grounds. It was wonderful to be joined by Trinity Anglican College, St Annes and Holy Spirit students and stand together as a community against bullying and violence.

Every student received a “Help Card” in homeroom this morning that contains advice, information and helpful contact lines.