In line with all other schools across Australia, students in Year 7 and 9 will be sitting the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. These tests are designed to assist schools in monitoring student progress across the different stages of learning.  After some trials last year, the move to run NAPLAN as an online test in 2018 has been scaled back. A small proportion of schools in New South Wales will use the online platform, however, the vast majority, including Xavier High School, will undertake a pen and paper test.


The dates for the tests are as follows:


  • Tuesday the 15th of May – Language Conventions (45 minutes) and Writing (40 minutes)
  • Wednesday the 16th of May – Reading (65 minutes)
  • Thursday the 17th of May – Numeracy (60 minutes)


Should you wish to find out more about NAPLAN in 2018, please see the link below.


NAPLAN – Information for Parents


Kind Regards

Mrs Nicole Morton
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning
Mr Andrew Gibson
Leader of Curriculum