Motivational Media present JIGSAW

Motivational Media will again visit the school to present JIGSAW, a 40 minute presentation with a focus on young people preventing or controlling situations that may result in harmful behaviours. JIGSAW aims to challenge and inspire young people to develop strategies that will enable them to reach their true potential by ensuring they understand their goals, make plans to achieve them and surround themselves with supportive people.

Putting our life together one piece at a time


At times, life seems like a difficult jigsaw. We have some idea of what we want our life to be, but with so many choices to make and so much conflicting information to process, we don’t know which way to turn. Having the life we want doesn’t happen by chance. Each aspect of our life contributes to the full picture. We need to carefully decide which ones will add to the result we want and which ones will lead to results that will disappoint.

Having a Vision Completing a jigsaw without knowing what the final picture looks like is not an easy task. Yet many of us have no concept of the type of life we want to lead and just hope that things will turn out okay in the end. Life’s puzzle won’t magically put itself together. At some point we need to take charge and that means deciding where we want to go. This could include choosing the right friends, learning new skills and planning specifically for the future we want.

Knowing Ourselves Each of us is unique. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We need to recognise each aspect that makes us who we are. By knowing our strengths, we can more effectively pursue our dreams and goals. By knowing our weaknesses we can prepare for the challenges ahead and work on self-improvement. Knowing ourselves serves to equip us for the puzzle of life ahead, the challenges it presents and ultimately brings us closer to fulfilling our dreams.

Accepting Others Just as we have many facets to our lives, so do others. By accepting difference in others we appreciate the richness that variety brings to the picture of life. Beneath the surface differences we all have dreams, fears, and insecurities. Understanding this can help us respond to others in a supportive way while at the same time enriching our own lives.

Making Good Decisions Every now and then we’ll hear advice on ways to make a quick dollar, be more popular, or do better at exams. Some of this advice may be good, but instant results that are built on risky or irresponsible behaviour will lead to situations that end in disaster. Drugs and poor relationships may be things we want to think carefully about before getting caught up in circumstances that limit the scope of our dreams. We need to ensure that in working towards our dream, each step is built on solid decisions that reflect our values and where we want to be. Each piece of the puzzle needs to complement the others.

Overcoming difficulties At times it may seem that the jigsaw of life is just too hard and we lose sight of our goals. The future we want to create may be shaped by ill health, disappointments and even failures. At these times it is even more important to look at the positive aspects of our life, learn the lessons of life and move forward. It is also important to surround ourselves with friends and family who share our dreams, want the best for us, and help to put the pieces of our life together.

Life can sometimes be confusing. It often seems that things that happen in our life make no sense and even move us further away from our dreams. However, by ensuring that we understand our goals, make plans to achieve them and surround ourselves with supportive people, we can make sense of the jigsaw of life.