Individual applications are invited from students in years 9 and 10 at Xavier High School to apply for the scholarship below.

Terms & Conditions

1. Students going into year 9 or 10 studying at Xavier High School, Albury
may apply.
2. Each year a boy and a girl will be awarded a scholarship of equal value.
3. The two students each year are eligible for up to a $500 per year
scholarship over a maximum of four years.
4. Funds are to be used strictly for necessary school requirements such as
books, excursions, computer items etc. i.e. not for the payment of
school fees.
5. Funds will be paid from the fund directly to the supplier.
6. Unused funds may be carried over to the following year but any funds
not used at end of year 12 will be applied to another student the
following year.
7. Hand written applications must be made on the approved application
form, attached hereto.
8. Awardees must make satisfactory academic progress to their individual
potential to ensure receipt of the funds for the following year.
9. Funds will be released to the supplier of goods or services when
satisfactory evidence is received by the committee.
10. Applications close 31st October 2017

SCHOLARSHIP FUND -and Application 2017