Leadership Assembly 2017

On Thursday October 19 our Leadership Assembly took place to officially announce our 2018 leaders .

We are truly blessed to have such a fine gathering of young people who are keen to make our Xavier community the best it can be.
We are excited to announce the following students as our 2018 leaders.

School Captains Lauren Eddy & James Worth
Aquinas House Captains Will Young & Ella Hogan
Clarke House Captains – Elyse Boyer & James o”Brien
Dynan House Captains Andrew Corrigan & Jess Smith
Joseph House Captains – Emma Sinclair & Isabel Alexander
Loreto House Captains – Lilian Bruton & Lilian Brigden
Mackillop House Captains – Gabirelle Boyd & Olivia Bennet
McAuley House Captains – Hannah Walsh & Sam Azzi
Rice House Captains – Kerryn Gallagher & Cooper Boyle

Aquinas House

Stage 6 Leaders: Daveida Azzi and Luke Dahl

Stage 5 Leaders: Jesse Elias and Penny Vanderpol

Stage 4 Leaders: Kylan Duffy


Clark House

Stage 6 Leaders: Mary Findlay and Sam Bourdis

Stage 5 Leaders: Niamh Boyer and Jeremiah Dykes

Stage 4 Leaders: Cooper Summers and Amelia Quinn


Dynan House

Stage 6 Leaders: Joseph Kenny and Tayla Sanson

Stage 5 Leaders: Mackenzy Muller and Madeline Kelly

Stage 4 Leaders: Ben Huckel and Flo Ball-Smallpage


Joseph House

Stage 6 Leaders: Jaraa Moran

Stage 5 Leaders: Samuel Sharman, Olivia Allwood and Vineeth Prasanna

Stage 4 Leaders: Toby Cartwright and Violet Soulsby


Loreto House

Stage 6 Leaders: Simone McLees and Isabelle Beltrame

Stage 5 Leaders: Ivy O’Halloran and Amy Richardson

Stage 4 Leaders: Sam Naughton and Maggie O’Halloran


MacKillop House

Stage 6 Leaders: Bryle Molina and Niamh Morrison

Stage 5 Leaders: William Morrison and Mia Duryea

Stage 4 Leaders: Jazlynne Lewis and Francis Cruz


McAuley House

Stage 6 Leaders: Emily Cameron and Grace Goyne

Stage 5 Leaders: Ellie Walsh and Stella Robinson

Stage 4 Leaders: Venessa Smith and Grace Cramer


Rice House

Stage 6 Leaders– Charlotte Retford and Kacie Schuur

Stage 5 Leaders– Talisa Habermann and Zara Brown

Stage 4 Leaders– Joel Frede and Caitlyn McMillan