Le 14 Juillet Bastille Day

La Fête Nationale Française!

Bastille Day, the 14th of July, is France’s national day, a time to celebrate the French culture and honour the French Republic.

In the public imagination, this day celebrates the storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution, however in reality it actually commemorates the Federation of France in 1790 (Fête de la Fédération de 1790).

This latter event gave rise to numerous symbols representing the French Republic: la Marseillaise (the French national anthem), Marianne, leTricolore (red, white and blue flag) etc.

This week students in Year 7 have enjoyed researching the different symbols of France, listening to the French national anthem, writing a newspaper article dating from the 14th July 1789 and imagining they were at the Parisian Champs Elysées celebrating this festive day.

Their general response was Vive la France!

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