Laura Roberts Glides High

Year 11 student, Laura Roberts has reached new heights!
Laura has recently completed 23 accompanied flights and a sensational 3 solo flights in a Glider apart of the Australia Air force Cadets.
Laura is a member of the Australian Federation and Victorian Association for Gliding and her position is within the 412 squadron of Albury AAF.

Laura will be awarded her “wings” medal in the annual parade down in Melbourne on the weekend of the 19th of May and has been funded through a scholarship provided by the Commercial Club Albury for her recent flights.

Laura is known for her natural ability up in the air and is aiming to complete her A, B and C Certificate to then teach and hold passengers in her Glider.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend Laura on this outstanding achievement and keep aiming high!

We wish you all the best for the upcoming annual parade .

If you would like further information about the Australian Air force Cadets or how you can become one, please click here