Korin Gamadji Institute

The Richmond Emerging Aboriginal Leadership (REAL) Program is specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 14 – 17 years. The program engages youth from Year 9 level, and works with the participants across a number of years to develop their leadership skills.

The REAL Programs are delivered in partnership with Culture is Life and the Victorian Electoral Commission, and with support from pathway partners, the programs run as a four-day intensive over 3 phases that aims to support the development of young Indigenous people, into confident and proud community leaders.

The Phase 1 REAL Program is an introduction to the institute and the Richmond Football Club where participants engage in interactive sessions that focus on the following 5 pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Active participation
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Personal and career pathways
  • Cultural pride and affirmation

Phase two of the program involves further engagement where participants return to strengthen their understanding and participation in the 5 pillars above and a further emphasis is placed on leadership and career pathways leading to training and employment opportunities.

The Phase 3 REAL Program is where our alumni over 18 years of age, who have completed Phase 2 and their secondary education, return to obtain a Certificate II in Indigenous Leadership through the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre  to strengthen and apply their leadership skills as leaders on our REAL Programs and in their communities.

To participate in the program, secondary students are nominated by their school, and supported by their local community. The students are selected for being role models in both their school and community.

More than 800 young Indigenous people from Victoria and Central Australia have participated in the REAL Program to date, with positive results and feedback from both participants and schools, following completion of the program.

We were lucky enough today to have some of the REAL leaders with us today. Luke Murray, Thara Brown & Will Austin joined our students Jaara Moran, Olivia Bennett, Jackson Crowe and Sam Hagan who will be involved deeper in this program throughout the year.

Thanks go out to the REAL team for visiting Xavier today.