Vocational learning is an important curriculum area which provides students with opportunities to develop skills to successfully complete the transition from school to employment or further education and training and to foster in them the desire for lifelong learning irrespective of what they may choose to do after school.

Vocational learning programs at Xavier High School provides students with a vocational awareness and orientation through opportunities to be better informed about their options in work, workplaces, further education and training. Such programs include career and work education, enterprise and community-based learning, education and business partnerships.

In relation to structured workplace learning, many employers are supporting the move to a more structured approach to workplace learning in better preparing students for the transition from school. Structured workplace learning provides opportunities for formal assessment of a range of skills and knowledge in a real work setting.

Senior Courses offered by Vocational Education And Training


A diverse range of occupations exists across the construction industry, such as carpenters, joiners, roof tilers, plasterers, bricklayers, painters and decorators, floor finishers and plumbers. The construction industry is an important part of the Australian economy, contributing significantly to the gross domestic product (GDP). The industry is adapting to new technology, building systems, products and practices. This highlights the need to develop new skills sets.

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Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment Industry Curriculum Framework complements the current Board Developed Courses in Drama, Dance and Music and provides opportunities for experiences in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is a diverse industry covering a wide range of occupational areas including audio, costume, customer service, front of house, lighting, make-up, props, scenic art, sets, staging, technical operations and vision systems.

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The hospitality industry is one of the largest in Australia, predominately made up of small to medium businesses that provide a range of accommodation, food and beverage services. The inter-related nature of hospitality means that many businesses operate across sectors within the industry and across complementary industries such as tourism, travel and events. Services industries are a major employer, supporting the skill development of younger workers who are central to Australia’s economic and social development.

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Information Technology

Our students live in a rapidly changing technological world. Information and communication technology (ICT), including hardware and personal digital devices, software, and systems that manage, store, process, create, produce and communicate information, has become an important part of everyday life. The integration of ICT capabilities in teaching, learning and assessment at Xavier High School can lead to enhanced outcomes for students.

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Metal and Engineering

The manufacturing and engineering industry is the second largest employer in Australia. There are a wide range of i ndustry sectors and jobs within the industry. Enterprise sizes range from many small businesses of a few employees to large enterprises. The industry has been act ively reshaping itself over the last decade, embracing new technologies, innovation and more efficient production practices and becoming increasingly export-focused.

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Retail Services

The retail services industries are distinct, with clear differences in the role each plays within the supply chain. The industries are highly diverse in terms of the products and services offered and the size and distribution of enterprises, ranging from micro through to multinational companies. Key sectors of the retail services industries include retail and community pharmacy. Career options available cover a range of jobs including people who work in customer service, sales, visual merchandising, product management, marketing, support services and administration.

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Latest Vocational Education And Training News

Friday December 2 2016

Year 12 Construction – Concreting Day!

The Year 12 boys were hard at it again this week with concreting day! Check out the exclusive pics below!

Friday August 5 2016

Yr 9 VET Retail Excursion to Woolworths

On the 1st August, Xavier High School, Year 9 VET Retail students had an opportunity tour Woolworths Albury to see what happens behind the scenes. Our host for the experience was Mrs. Helen Hendren. Our Experiences During this experience at Woolworths, we had the opportunity to see how the business operates on a daily basis. […]

Friday August 5 2016

Yr 9 Excursion to Harris Scarfe

On the 1st August, Year 9 retail class of Xavier High School, Albury, had the privilege to experience the retail world by visiting a number of stores, including Harris Scarfe. Julie and her team allowed us to go behind the scenes at Harris Scarfe, Albury, to experience what it is like to operate a store. […]

Friday September 5 2014

An Extraordinary Display of Talent

With the opening of ‘Twenty Fourteen’, Xavier High School’s annual exhibition of HSC student works on Wednesday August 27 our Art Centre was once again a beautiful gallery filled with stunning works. The diversity of work is a reflection of the freedom that students have to explore their individual interests. Every year the works challenge […]

Friday August 29 2014

TVET Applications Due

A reminder for expressions of interest which are now called for students interested in studying a TVET (Tafe delivered course) in 2015. Please collect an application for from the Xavier front office. Applications close at the beginning of week 9 Term 3. Submissions after this date will not be eligible for a position. What is […]

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