Photographic and Digital Media plays a significant role in the curriculum by providing specialised learning opportunities to enable students to understand and explore the nature of photographic and digital media as an important field of artistic practice, conceptual knowledge and technological procedures.

The broad areas of photography and digital media as print, interactive and moving forms are extremely relevant and of fundamental interest to students. Much of their knowledge of the world and their notions of cultural and self-identity come from the photographic and digital images that permeate the visual arts and design, television, film, video, internet, mass media and multimedia.

Artistic practice that incorporates photographic and digital media plays an essential part in the contemporary artworld. The evolution of digital technologies, in particular, has altered the nature of photographic practice and has created new practice with many variables. This course area provides opportunities for students to investigate the ways in which these fields of artistic practice have evolved and been utilised over the 20th century and into the 21st century. Practice within the school context is intended to approximate practice used in the contemporary world by artists, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, animators and critics who provide real-world models for learning and make available career options to students.

Latest Photography & Digital Media News

Friday November 21 2014

2014 Vinnies Gift Giving Appeal

The Vinnies Gift Giving Appeal is starting up the next week. Each House is responsible for a particular age group this year. Here are some guidelines to help you: Tutor Group 1 and 2 will buy for Females in their designated age; Tutor Group 3 and 4 will buy for Males in their designated age […]

Tuesday August 19 2014

Twenty Fourteen Exhibition of HSC Student Work

Xavier High School Invites you to: twenty fourteen an exhibition of HSC student works art · design & technology · drama · music · woodwork When: Wednesday August 27 Where: Xavier High School Arts Centre Time: Gallery open from 6pm performances commence at 7pm

Saturday November 2 2013

HSC Showcase 2013

Last Wednesday night the Creative and Performing Arts and TAS Departments held our annual HSC showcase of Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Woodwork and Design & Technology. With over 450 people in attendance it was a true celebration of a year of hard work, commitment and determination. 21st century employment demands creative, collaborative, innovative problem solvers […]

Thursday May 2 2013

Elements of Production

Currently year 11 students are studying the elements of production. We have been looking at costume design for the play Children of the Black Skirt by Angela Betzien. Bonnie Moore dressed in the Victorian skirt and jacket. The children of the orphanage, Sheridan Simpson, Anjil Henry, and Mikaela Gould.

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