Mathematics is the study of number and space

More particularly it is:

  • a search for patterns and relationships. This search, utilising acquired knowledge and skills, leads to the development of concepts and generalisations, which can be applied in finding solutions to problems, improving our understanding of the world around us and meeting the specific needs of people;
  • a way of thinking, characterised by processes such as exploring, manipulating, discovering, ordering, classifying, generalising, abstracting, estimating, calculating, predicting, describing, deducing, drawing and measuring;
  • a powerful, precise and concise means of communication, used to represent, to interpret, to explain and to predict;
  • a creative activity. Accordingly, it involves invention, intuition and discovery.

Senior Courses offered by Mathematics

General Mathematics

Mathematics is essential for living. Some aspects of mathematics are required by individuals in order to function adequately as members of society. These aspects include strategies, skills and techniques involved in number facts, computation, mathematical problem-solving and reasoning.

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Mathematics is deeply embedded in modern society. From the numeracy skills required
to manage personal finances, to making sense of data in various forms, to leading-edge technologies in the sciences and engineering, mathematics provides the framework for interpreting, analysing and predicting, and the tools for effective participation in an increasingly complex society.

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Mathematics Extension 1

Mathematics is important and useful in many fields of endeavour. These fields include the sciences, medicine, economics, commerce, industry, engineering, business and the arts. Mathematics also provides a means of oral and written communication. Mathematics can be used to present and convey information in many ways. Some of these include explanations, figures, letters, tables, charts, diagrams, graphs and drawings.

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Mathematics Extension 2

The need to interpret the large volumes of data made available through technology draws on skills in logical thought and skills in checking claims and assumptions in a systematic way. Mathematics is the appropriate training ground for the development of these skills.
The thinking required to enhance further the power and usefulness of technology in real-world applications requires advanced mathematical training. The rapid advances in technology experienced in recent years have driven, and been driven by, advances in the discipline of mathematics.

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Latest Mathematics News

Wednesday July 22 2015

Happy Pi Approximation Day

I hope you’re ready for your big Pi Approximation Day party today. You might have observed Pi Day on March 14. It gets its name from 3.14, the first three digits of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Always on the lookout for excuses to eat pie, some geeky math types also […]

Friday March 27 2015

World of Maths

The World of Maths Roadshow came to Xavier on Wednesday 18th March. The purpose of the Roadshow was to help students see the relevance of Maths in everyday life as well as have some fun. Students were asked to work in small groups to solve a variety of problems using hands on equipment and models.

Thursday July 24 2014

PI Day

Tuesday 22/7 (3.14…) was Pi day and Year 7 to Year 10 students learned a bit about Pi in a fun sort of way. Students had to work out which story was the truth from three stories outlining the development about Pi over thousands of years. They then listened to a song about Pi to […]

Sunday February 2 2014

Milo Maths

Milo Maths is returning in 2014! This is a free tutoring session offered by the Maths Department to assist students who would like some extra one-on-one help with basic skills, coursework, homework, exam technique and revision. Milo Maths is held in the library on Monday afternoons, from 3:30 -4:30pm. It will be held every Monday […]

Monday September 2 2013

World of Maths Roadshow

Numeracy is a compulsory component of our curriculum, and to make numeracy fun and relevant to our students, we have arranged for the World of Maths Roadshow to visit our school. The World of Maths Roadshow is an ideal opportunity for students to see how maths is applied to some real life situations. On Monday […]