The future wellbeing of human society and its environment depends upon the quality of people’s interactions with each other and with their cultural, social and physical environments as they strive to meet each other’s needs..

  • HSIE enables students to solve problems that are multidisciplinary in nature.
  • So students are able to see the connections and interactions between all parts of their social world and environment.
  • Students have opportunities to undertake meaningful social inquiry.
  • Students develop their self-realisation, develop civic responsibility, fostering human relationships and are provided with opportunities to think critically and creatively.

Senior Courses offered by Human Society And Its Environment

Ancient History

The study of history is an inquiry into past experience that helps make the present more intelligible. A study of the past is invaluable, for to be unaware of history is to be ignorant of those forces that have shaped our social and physical worlds. Through the study of ancient history, students learn both about the interaction of societies and the impact of individuals and groups on ancient events and ways of life.

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Business Studies

As a course, Business Studies is distinctive in that it encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business in contexts which students will encounter throughout their lives. Conceptually, it offers learning from the planning of a small business to the management of operations, marketing, finance and human resources in large businesses. Through the analysis of contemporary business strategies the course also provides rigour and depth and lays an excellent foundation for students either in tertiary study or in future employment.

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Economic decisions have a crucial influence on the quality of life experienced by people throughout the world. The study of economics can help individuals, groups and societies make choices that assist them to improve their quality of life.
Students will benefit from the study of economics if they engage in studies that include business, accounting and finance, media, law, marketing, employment relations, tourism, history, geography or environmental studies.

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Geography is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a key discipline through which students develop the ability to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world.

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HSC History Extension

The purpose of HSC History Extension is to enable students to build on the outcomes of the Ancient History and Modern History courses in relation to historiography and historical enquiry and communication. The course further develops students’ understanding of how historians work. Rather than simply extending students’ knowledge of a particular period or event in history, the course is aimed at using specific historical investigations to reflect on the nature of history and how and why approaches and interpretations change over time.

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Legal Studies

Our society is regulated by a complex set of rules and regulations which both guide and protect individual and community rights. Being well informed about legal issues, including the rights and responsibilities integral to our society, is part of being an active and informed citizen. Students of Legal Studies will develop an understanding of legal concepts and the way the law functions in our society.

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Modern History

The study of Modern History has a distinctive role in the school curriculum as it challenges students to consider the great social, technological, economic, political and moral transformations from the late eighteenth century to the present. It requires students to analyse the causes, progress and effects of these transformations and, finally, to make judgements about them. Modern History Stage 6 is especially relevant to the lives of students, as the events and issues that form its content are, in many cases, still current.

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Society and Culture

Society and Culture is a conceptually based course that promotes students' awareness of the cultural continuities and changes within societies and cultures. It provides them with skills to critically analyse complementary and contrasting viewpoints about people, societies, cultures and environments, and their interactions across time. Society and Culture promotes an awareness of the nature of power and authority, gender, technology and facilitates intercultural understanding.

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Latest Human Society And Its Environment News

Friday April 7 2017

Year 8 HSIE Picture Books

Our year 8’s have been hard at work! The students have been writing, illustrating and designing their own picture books based on their choice of medieval stories. We were lucky enough to have author and illustrator, Natalie Ward in to talk to the kids and present her own picture books! We would like to take […]

Monday September 5 2016

Standing In Solidarity – A National Day Of Prayer & Action

National Child Protection Week – 4-10th September Standing in Solidarity – National Day of Prayer & Action in Catholic schools is an opportunity for a united Catholic voice across the country calling for a more just and humane welcome of people seeking asylum in the Australian community, and particularly for the rights of the child […]

Monday September 5 2016

NAPCAN – Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect

NAPCAN’s strategy is to support and encourage changes in individual and community behaviour to stop child abuse and neglect before it starts by: Promoting quality child abuse prevention research Promoting quality research so the causes and impact of child abuse and neglect can be better understood and effective ways to prevent it can be developed […]

Friday August 19 2016

Yuendumu Visit 2016

On the 1st of August we welcomed our first group of visitors from Yuendumu, Northern Territory. Many of you are aware that over the last 5 years, students from Xavier High School have made an annual pilgrimage to this community as part of our Immersion Program. This year, we were so fortunate to be able […]

Friday May 15 2015

Rule of Law Presentation

An Education Officer from the Rule of Law Institute of Australia will be speaking on Tuesday May 26 at Albury High School to Legal Studies students and teachers about legal rights, responsibilities and responses to criminal organisations in New South Wales. For more information visit The Rule of Law Institute of Australia is an […]