Drama is an art form that explores the world through enactment. It is a collaborative art form that involves the creative interaction of individuals using a range of artistic skills. Drama is an important means of understanding, constructing, appreciating and communicating social and cultural values; interpreting, valuing and transmitting the past and traditions; exploring, celebrating and challenging the present and imagining the future.

In Drama, meaning is negotiated and created between the participants themselves and between the participants and audience. Direct engagement with an audience is an essential skill in dramatic performance.

Drama can be employed as a technique for exploring personal and community issues and developing social skills. It caters for a broad range of students from varying social and cultural backgrounds. It allows for the exploration of attitudes and values of many groups in Australian society as students make, perform and critically study aspects of drama and theatre in Australian and other societies and cultures.

The study of Drama will develop the talents and capacities of all students – physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, creative and expressive – as well as developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

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In Drama, students can investigate, shape, and symbolically represent ideas, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and their consequences. By studying this major art form students acquire skills in interpretation, communication, performance and critical analysis and become aware of the technical processes and technologies that may be used to heighten dramatic presentation.

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Thursday March 15 2018

Drama Workshops!

On Wednesday, drama students in years 10, 11, and 12 were treated to a workshop from Gabriel, a performance artist from ‘Sport for Jove’ Theatre Company who is currently starring in the production of ‘The River at the End of the Road’ at Hothouse Theatre. Gabriel coached the drama students through a workshop centred around […]

Friday November 3 2017

Year 9 Play-building In Melbourne

For their Play-building unit, Year 9 devised a 20 minute performance using stimulus organised by Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. They collaborated and experimented with various theatre forms and characters, and they rehearsed during class, at lunch times and even in the holidays. We traveled to Melbourne on Wednesday to perform the play in front of […]

Friday July 28 2017

Beauty & The Beast Production

Year 9 and 10 had the privilege of watching the Bytesized musical production of Beauty and the Beast at the end of Term 2. Several of our very own students were involved in the performance and were outstanding in their roles. The production was a visual spectacle, with an ever evolving set and delightful costumes. […]

Thursday June 15 2017

Generate Festival 2017

  Last Thursday 8th June, year 10 and 11 drama students performed at Generate Festival, held at Hothouse Theatre. Students from schools in the region devised a performance from a Mystery box stimulus, all work devised was completely different and of a high standard. The creative process is invaluable for our students as they work […]

Thursday November 24 2016

Dramatic Minds Festival 2016

The Dramatic Minds Festival is a mental health promotion event which engages young people in a creative way to explore the issues associated with mental health amongst the youth. Adolescence and young adulthood is the age of peak onset of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Around 1 in 4 […]

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