Keeping Your Children Safe Online

Helping your kids to stay safe online is something many parents are concerned about. Simply knowing about some of the basics of the online world can help parents be ahead of the game and one foot in front, should they need to manage a negative situation.

Digital education and communication is essential to the safety of your kids online. In today’s day and age your children’s online world is as much a part of their life as offline, so it is crucial that you are as involved in supporting their online wellbeing as you are their physical health. Your skills in rule setting, support, guidance and respect are just as important to helping ensure your kids enjoy positive digital experiences and to help them gain confidence in asking for advice and support. Knowing they are equipped to make sound decisions and manage risks online is so important, especially with the number of internet-enabled devices that can be used without adult supervision.

Through applying these basic steps within your family and the use of online materials you will ensure the security and safety of your child’s experiences online.

-Explore the internet together
-Communicate openly with your children
-Use technology tools to keep them safe
-Encourage safe and responsible environments/behaviours – talk to them about cyberbullying behaviour and how to report and manage it.

For further information please refer to the esafety website 
For information on how parents can manage web connected devices in their home visit their “7 ways diagram”