Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

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The Narrators set the scene, introducing us to Joseph, the dreamer (Prologue/Any Dream Will Do). Jacob, who lives in the land of Canaan, is blessed with 12 sons (Jacob and Sons). His favourite is Joseph, son of his second wife Rachel. Joseph is good and kind, serving his family as a shepherd in the fields. His brothers resent the way in which Jacob dotes on Joseph, and their anger against him grows after their father gives his favourite son a coat of many colours (Joseph’s Coat).

Joseph has amazing dreams (Joseph’s Dreams), which he knows mean that he is to become a great man and far more successful than any of his brothers. On hearing this, the brothers decide that something has to be done about Joseph and his arrogant behaviour.

Out in the fields, the brothers attack Joseph, strip him of his coat and have thrown him into a pit to face certain death, when a band of hairy Ishmaelites pass by. The brothers sell Joseph to them as a slave (Poor, Poor Joseph) and return to their father. They show him the blood-stained coat and tell him that Joseph has died (One More Angel In Heaven).

In Egypt, Joseph is sold to Potiphar, a wealthy merchant (Potiphar). He is very good at his job and is rapidly promoted to looking after Potiphar’s household. Potiphar’s wife is very attracted to Joseph and she tries to seduce him. Potiphar, who is a very jealous man, catches the two of them together, immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and Joseph is flung into jail (Close Every Door).

In his cell, he explains the meanings of his fellow prisoners’ dreams. He correctly predicts that the King’s butler will be pardoned and given his job back but the King’s baker will be put to death in three days’ time (Go, Go, Go Joseph).

The Pharaoh is disturbed by strange dreams (Poor, Poor Pharaoh). His butler tells him about Joseph in jail who may be able to explain them to him. Joseph is brought before the Pharaoh (Song Of The King) and interprets the dreams (Pharaoh’s Dreams Explained), which predict seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph is given an important job, managing the country’s food supplies, and becomes a wealthy man (Stone The Crows).

Meanwhile, his family back in Canaan are struggling (Those Canaan Days). Famine and plague blight the land, so they leave to seek food in Egypt (The Brothers Come To Egypt). They beg for help from Joseph, although none of them recognise him, and he takes pity on them, giving them each a sack of food (Grovel, Grovel). To test his brothers he plants a gold cup in the sack given to the youngest, Benjamin. As they try to leave, Joseph stops them to investigate the ‘theft’ of the precious cup (Who’s The Thief). When it is discovered in Benjamin’s bag. the others take the blame and refuse to let anyone think that Benjamin is in any way dishonest. They offer to take Benjamin’s place as Joseph’s prisoner (Benjamin Calypso).

Joseph now realises that his brothers are truly honest men and reveals his true identity (Joseph All The Time). Their father Jacob is brought from Canaan and the family is reunited (Jacob In Egypt).

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Characters/Roles available

NARRATOR(S) – Soprano. They are not of the time or place of the action. The Narrator(s) tells the story through word and song, guiding the audience through the story. Does need to move/dance well.

JOSEPH – Tenor. The main character of the musical. Must be able to dance or move well.

JOSEPH’S ELEVEN BROTHERS – Although acting usually as a group, they each have their own different personalities, talents, and flaws. They sing and dance their way through many situations and places.

REUBEN – Baritone/tenor, the eldest son of Jacob, Solo – Those Canaan Days, parody of French ballad

SIMEON – Baritone, the second son

LEVI – Third son

JUDAH – Tenor, the fourth son, Solo – Benjamin Calypso, Reggae style

DAN – Fifth son

NAPHTALI – Sixth son

GAD – Seventh son

ASHER – Eighth son

ISSACHAR – Ninth son

ZEBULON – Tenth son

BENJAMIN – Twelfth son

THE WIVES (Female Ensemble) – The wives to the brothers, play other various roles, although usually performing with the Brothers, the wives have a large amount of singing and dancing stage time.

JACOB – Baritone. Father of twelve sons, Jacob definitely favours Joseph.

PHARAOH – Baritone, the most powerful man in Egypt. In most productions, Pharaoh is portrayed as an Elvis Presley-style figure, lot of hip action. Possible double casting as a brother or ensemble member.

POTIPHAR – He is a powerful and rich Egyptian who puts Joseph in jail.

MRS. POTIPHAR – Beautiful and scheming, sassy dancer (may be played by one of the wives).

BAKER – Tenor. One of Pharaohs servants, (may be played by one of the brothers);

BUTLER – Tenor. Another of Pharaohs servants (may be played by one of the brothers).

THE YOUTH CHORUS – Will appear in several numbers, singing and dancing

  Download the Audition Kit PDF 219 Kb.