Loreto was one of the House names used at St Joseph’s Ladies’ College. Loreto is the village in Italy where Mary the Mother of Jesus’ house is now situated.

Mary was a loving mother and a good friend. She is honoured for her integrity, faith and trust in God. Mary is a significant role model to people who value inner strength, duty, justice and a willingness to face adversity in a dignified and thoughtful manner.

Holy place – in the way of Mary, loving and thoughtful

Loreto House Team Members

  • Amy Martin

    House Coordinator

  • Anthony Cheadle

    House Tutor 1

  • Steve Lancaster

    House Tutor 1

  • Julia Lockwood

    House Tutor 1

  • Luke Parkinson

    House Tutor 1

  • Marie McKinley

    House Tutor 2

  • Kyel Easey

    House Tutor 2

  • Sharon Doubleday

    House Tutor 2

  • Karla Wise

    House Tutor 2

Loreto House Sports Crest

Loreto House Leaders

  • Lilian Bruton

    House Captain

  • Lilian Brigden

    House Captain

  • Simone McLees & Isabelle Beltrame

    Stage 6 Leaders

  • Ivy O’Halloran & Amy Richardson

    Stage 5 Leaders

  • Sam Naughton & Maggie O’Halloran

    Stage 4 Leader

Latest Loreto News

Friday June 2 2017

Carevan Donations Wanted

All XHS students are encouraged to bring in a packet of pasta, rice or meal based jars to contribute to the donations for Carevan. Please view the flyer below for further info

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