The name Aquinas has a prominent history in the life of Xavier High School. Aquinas College for boys, run by the Christian Brothers, was an important part of the Albury Catholic community before the creation of Xavier High School in 1983.

Thomas Aquinas is one of the most important theologians in the Catholic Church. His writings continue to have a profound influence on people. His most famous and enduring piece of writing deals with conscience and the willingness of people to do the right thing.

Thomas Aquinas had a strong commitment to God. He believed that personal and communal enlightenment came from education.

Aquinas Gators

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Enlightenment through learning, faith through understanding.

Aquinas House Team Members

  • Andrew Gibson

    House Coordinator

  • Ben Thomas

    House Tutor

  • Mick Ryan

    House Tutor

  • Matthew Grady

    House Tutor

  • Peter Robinson

    House Tutor

  • Nicole Morton

    House Tutor

  • Sharyn Hill

    House Tutor

  • Michaela Williams

    House Tutor

Aquinas House Sports Crest

Aquinas House Leaders

  • Samuel Maroney

    House Captain

  • Danielle Nagle

    House Captain

  • Sally Wallace & Lily Ratcliffe Reid

    Stage 6 Leaders

  • Isabella Godfrey & Davieda Azzi

    Stage 5 Leader

  • Penny Vanderpol

    Stage 4 Leader

  • Jesse Elias

    Stage 4 Leader

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