Hosting a Language Student from France

In Term 3 Xavier High School will have the opportunity to welcome a small number of French students arriving for Language Immersion Programs, from 21st June to 27th August 2015 (10-weeks) or from 12th July until the 9th August 2015 (4 weeks).

Our School would like to offer our students of French and their families the chance to host one of these language students from France. Hosting a language student may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially if your son or daughter is learning French at school or by correspondence!
Accepting a student gives your son or daughter the perfect opportunity to learn about and explore the culture of France, practice his/her French with a native speaker their same age, travel to school together, and participate in any extra curricula activities as they arise. The French students are enthusiastically looking forward to accelerating their English language skills, developing new Australian friends and increasing their cultural awareness. This experience also promotes diversity in the Xavier LOTE classroom and the school community in general.

All students in the Language Immersion Program are monitored by Nacel Australia staff for the duration of the program, have medical insurance and 24/7 contact included. Nacel Australia is an international student exchange organisation. Their local Coordinator will provide pastoral care for the students throughout their stay and will maintain contact with the school and host family. The local Nacel Australia Coordinator also assists with domestic transfers to and from the airport and the host family’s home.

The French student is required to pay for all school expenses, public transport, outings, personal and incidental spending. The host family is expected to incorporate the visiting student into their family, treating them as one of their own children (including food and accommodation costs while staying in the family home). If you cannot host a student for the whole four weeks, a sharing arrangement can be organised.

Should your family be able to provide a warm, supportive environment to welcome a young French student, or require further information about the program please contact me on 02 6040 6388 or email

I look forward to hearing from you about this exciting program.

Maria Aranda
French Teacher