High Life Regional Tour – August 30

High Life is a local Wodonga youth group that demonstrates a passion for Christ and the faith formation of youth in the North East Victoria region. With a driven and passionate team of youth leaders and our youth pastor Lendel Bakes this event is an opportunity to change your life.

Reggie Dabbs is an influential youth communicator who will have a lasting impact on today’s youth and the students at Xavier High School. If you ever feel lonely, stressed, anxious or you are looking to get something more out of your life. BE AT THIS EVENT!

Look forward to a night of epic worship featuring the talents of Vee and Josh as well as the High Life band. Join us at the High Life Regional Tour ( Tuesday, August 30) from 6.00pm for your pre- show hangs @highlifenlc

For more information please contact Heidi Nicholson at the following email address –  nicholsonh1@ww.catholic.edu.au

“High Life” runs every Friday night from 5.00pm-8.00pm.

high life