Hands-on Archaeology

Yr 11 Ancient History and Yr 7 History classes have been getting a hands-on introduction to some of the key skills of the Archaeologist. Yr 11 Ancient History students practiced their mapping and recording skills while exploring the role of a Marine Archaeologist. Simulating the find of an underwater site of interest, students were required to grid, map and create a detailed explanation of a number of random objects. While the objects look simple, the students found that accurately mapping their location and recording their dimensions (with a ruler as their only aid) did prove to be a difficult task.


Yr 7 students undertook a ‘choc-chip-cookie dig’ using basic tools and techniques. Armed with only a toothpick and a serviette, students began a small-scale excavation. Their task was to uncover choc-chip artefacts from a cookie (the site of their dig) without damaging any of the priceless objects. They also practiced other key skills such as recording information and sharing their findings. Finally, unlike professional Archaeologists, they were allowed to demolish the evidence!