Glenn Manton Workshop – Outstanding

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Glenn Manton for coming to Xavier High School yesterday and speaking with our Year 10 students!

Glenn Manton has been engaging audiences for over 20 years with his unique blend of education and entertainment. A dynamic storyteller, Glenn is able to draw upon his vast life experience to move audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Committed to promoting THINKING (INDEPENDENT/CREATIVE/CRITICAL) in people of all ages Glenn leverages his background in EDUCATION – ENTERTAINMENT – COMMUNITY & SPORTS to genuinely connect with his audience. No two presentations are the same as Glenn uses his improv’ skills and the nature of each audience to thoughtfully create an atmosphere that is both safe and highly enjoyable. Glen educated our students on the concept of paying it forward, leaving our selfish thoughts behind and casting positivity and connection with each other into the world.

Glenn Manton has focused his vast knowledge of youth, in particular, to establish himself as one of Australia’s most regarded adolescent speakers and motivators. Glenn’s youth-based work extends to aboriginal communities and is complemented by his degrees in Education (RMIT)/mentoring (ACAP), teaching background and mentoring aptitude.

The corporate world has also identified Glenn as an authentic professional whom can be called upon to provide group development through presentation or facilitation. And product or event support as master of ceremonies/host.

Born of diverse successes (and failings) Glenn’s celebrity is appropriately unique. When coupled with genuine human-interest Glenn’s ability to connect with an audience is profound.




Three words that succinctly summarize Glenn Manton’s approach to both life and business.

Knowledge of self, relationship development, and communication/s form the foundation of Glenn Manton’s presentations/workshops. Blending education and entertainment Glenn Manton connects in school-based and corporate environments alike.

Built upon an innate knowledge of his audience, improvisational skills and the ability to convince his listeners to not only come along for the ride but also share in the direction,

Glenn Manton’s engagements always make a difference. No two presentations are alike. And yet all provoke thought well beyond their conclusion.

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