Generation Next

A key vehicle for Generation Next’s professional education efforts in the prevention and control of mental illness among youth is the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People Seminar Series.

A ground-breaking national circuit, the Seminars bring together leading experts in youth mental health and equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to better look after the wellbeing of the young people they work with. Specifically, it provides them with the latest updates in relation to specific mental illnesses, prevention and early intervention strategies as well as options for support, self-care and management of mental illnesses. The issues addressed in the seminar each year are determined based on consultation with experts in youth mental health, and tackle the most current mental health conditions alongside emerging mental illnesses. Past topics have included self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol and drug dependency, etc.

On Friday March 17th our Year 8 students were able to be involved in a live streaming seminar and education session run by Generation Next leaders.

The students were able to answer survey questions given to them via the live stream presenter and collectively reflect on the data as a whole.

It is integral that our students not only have an understanding around mental health, new age technology and their impacts but how to actively use healthy and productive technology uses for their benefit.

We hope your child enjoyed and learned a vast amount of knowledge around this seminar.