Generate Festival 2017


Last Thursday 8th June, year 10 and 11 drama students performed at Generate Festival, held at Hothouse Theatre. Students from schools in the region devised a performance from a Mystery box stimulus, all work devised was completely different and of a high standard. The creative process is invaluable for our students as they work in a professional theatre space and experience the journey involved in a group devised project. Congratulations to all students involved.   

Ms Sharyn Hill

The Generate Project has been a wonderful and exciting experience for all of us. This has been a learning process for all those involved as we had to create our own performances from a few inspirational materials and keep to a time limit of 15 minutes. When the day to perform finally arrived we were nervous and excited but knew our hours of rehearsal and preparation were all worth it. The buzz and adrenaline rush of being on stage, the place we love, with our friends was the best feeling in the world. Generate was an incredible experience to be a part of and one we will never forget.

Ms Karyn Crosswell


Below are some words from our Drama students who were involved in the festival:


“I was so proud of our group for the incredible work we put together. Generate gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other, and perform work we devised on a professional theatre’s stage. The piece combined stories from ourselves, and from people on a national level. We moved audience members with our words and confronted them in a way that made them realise what is really happening around them, and what goes unnoticed. It was such a wonderful process, and such a rewarding night.”  – Lauren Eddy


“Our group performed incredibly well Thursday night and I’m so proud of us and how we’ve developed as actors. Generate helped us to connect with each other, learn new things and being able to perform in a professional theatre. Our performance was very special to us and we are so happy that we got to show others our performance. Our piece included our own experiences, social and political issues. I’m thrilled that we got the opportunity to showcase issues that occur in our own backyard.” – Shelby Brodie


“Generate was a thrilling and fun experience and you could tell everyone worked very hard to polish their group performances to to create a range of different emotions and ideas. Our performance, Eleutheromania, had a very personal approach to draw the audience in to think about our ideas of injustices in Australia.” -Suzy Plummer


“Generate was one of the best experiences i’ve ever had in drama. Performing a piece that meant so much to us was incredible. We incorporated our personal stories, emotions and experiences to create a powerful and polished piece of work. We utilised the strengths in our group using movement and chorus which I think worked really well. I love these people and I can say that this experience definitely gave us a stronger bond. I’m super proud of everyone for what we have achieved and for sharing this amazing night with each other. “ – Tahlia Irwin



Generate was a completely new experience for me. I’m so proud of our group and what we have achieved over the past couple of weeks. Im very thankful for the group welcoming me as a new student and accepting my ideas straight away and making me comfortable to share my story to create this performance. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I have been apart of a theatrical piece that has such a deep personal, social and political relevance that was performed for an audience who were moved and found it confronting and sad. Speaking up about racism and my experiences and others and then being able to perform it has empowered me so much. Chiara Ruhl


“Generate was the a wonderful learning experience which drew our group closer together. Our performance, Eleutheromania, is a very powerful piece and expresses social and political issues that tend to get covered up or bubble-wrapped. It shares the needs to change in today’s society. We convey movement, emotion and meaning in our work which grows the relationships between all the members of our group as well as creating a strong and powerful message..This piece is the one of the strongest pieces I have been involved in and I am so proud of my whole group and what we have accomplished.” -Jacqui Kirk


“Generate was a fulfilling and amazing experience to share with my drama class. Each of us shared meaningful stories, ideas, and past experiences which are reflected in our performance ‘Eleutheromania’. The performance was extremely moving and powerful, expressing and addressing social and political issues within society. We hope this piece motivates society to recognise the injustices within our own country and how you can help us make change happen.” – Chloe Godfrey

Take a look at a few snaps below!

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