Generate 2014 Highlights

HotHouse Theatre’s Associate Director, Travis Dowling worked with students and teachers from Xavier High school to better understand, contextualise and enliven Shakespeare’s plays. Our students also had the opportunity to work with HotHouse Theatre’s Operations Manager, Rob Scott, to experience the technical side of the trade, learning stage management, technical operation and back stage protocol.

My experience with Generate was the best I ever had! I loved it so much and really enjoyed being surrounded by all the crew and cast from Hot House Theatre. I look forward to next time. Kaitlyn Mc Gowan

The performance was so much fun and everyone did so well. Performing with the studio was an amazing experience as well!Sarah Maloney

I thought the Generate program was very exciting. We all worked well together in our tech rehearsal, and the performance was Awesome!Sarah Scheinder

On Friday we performed a collection of scenes from some of William Shakespeare’s plays alongside the HotHouse studio performers. We learnt how to work in a professional theatre space and we got to see how the professional actors work We also learnt how to read and understand Shakespeare.Jess Dwyer

I loved performing at the Hot House Theatre it was so fun and the studio were so welcoming, they helped us work through our nervousness before the show and we performed with great enthusiasm.Grace Senior

I learnt so much on this experience. It was fun, funny and exciting. We also got to perform with professional actors, they helped our class so much, and told us in a nice away how to become better actors and made us feel welcome.Nicole Snell

Performance night was a really amazing experience. It was great to see the whole show finally come together with the lighting and sound. I would love to do something like that agin in the future.Lily Ratcliffe- Reid