Future Careers Part 2

According to the Foundation for Young Australian’s, the world of work will look vastly different to the world of work you currently experience. Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, working remotely, and an increase in digital work…many things will change – even within the next 10 years.

According to their recent New Work Smarts report, you can expect the following to occur by 2030:

  • Automation and globalization will change what we do in every job.
  • Within the next 10 years, many jobs will no longer exist
  • Teenagers can expect to work for an average of 17 employers over their lifetime across 5 different careers.
  • Workers will spend 100% more time-solving problems, 30% more time learning and 77% more time using STEM skills (science, technology, maths, engineering) than the same jobs demand now.
  • Workers will spend more time getting value out of technology and use more digital skills (e.g., updating websites)
  • Workers will be more flexible and independent in the workplace.
  • With globalization, more workers will collaborate with people around the world.
  • Workers will spend less time on routine and manual tasks due to automation, and more time focused on people, solving strategic problems and thinking creatively.

You can download the report here