French Excursion – Vendredi 24 Mai

Friday May 24 our students of French in Years 9 and 10 enjoyed an authentic delicious French breakfast at Anthony’s Crêperie.

Students ordered their pétit déjeuner in French, which consisted of a variety of crêpes sucrées, au chocolat, au citron, au caramel, à la crème, together with a warming chocolat chaud to drink.

Students felt great not only by the délicieux petit déjeuner français but also by their ability to put into practice their linguistic skills with native French speakers.

After breakfast, students viewed the hilarious French movie Astérix Et Obélix Au Service De Sa Majesté (starring Gérard Depardieu) at the Alliance Française French Film Festival (Regent Cinemas, Albury).


This experience surely enriched the students’ linguistic and social knowledge of the French language and culture.
Before returning to school, students enjoyed a French Trail around Albury.

They visited a couple of French inspired establishments, and the not to be missed Noreuil Park Cairn, where the talented and knowledgeable Mrs Claney explained to our students the historical connection between Albury and the sister city in France, Noreuil, during WWI.

C’était formidable! Les étudiantes et les professeurs ont aimé ça! Ils c’est sont bien amuseés!

Maria Aranda
French Teacher