Former Xavier Student Emily Wornes Inspires Xavier With Motivational Journey

Former Xavier student Emily Wornes captivated her audience this morning at Xavier High School as she shared her road to recovery after sustaining an incredibly serious and life changing injury back in 2015 that left her as an incomplete paraplegic. Her ability to shine beyond the cards she has be dealt astounds everyone she meets. Emily continues to beam that element of hope, healing and the will to improve not only her own health but the lives of others each and everyday. Emily’s story was shared with our Year 11 Cafs Class this morning who were in awe of her determination, will power and strength.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Emily for coming to Xavier High School today and inspiring our students.

“Stepping into a wheel chair, after braking my back, (my lumbar 3 exploding) my feet, toes, sacrum, pelvis and right arm (my elbow joint shattering). Becoming an incomplete-paraplegic and pedaling everyday to get back to my feet, wow, how its changed me physically and mentally. Given a job I didn’t choose, becoming a patient of patience. I wanted to create this blog in a hope that it might help someone, give them a little sparkle, light, as so many reinvigorating people have helped me along the way and I’m grateful everyday for them, every single day”



Please click here to read Emily’s Blog