2016 Trial Critical Thinking Test

The NSW Board of Studies is trialling a Critical Thinking Test for Year 11 students.

The test is non-curriculum based and will identify your strengths in critical thinking skills such as interpreting ideas, identifying arguments, detecting inconsistencies in reasoning, and solving problems.

The test consists of 80 multiple choice items, takes 2 hours maximum and requires no additional study or special preparation.

A test report will give feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. It may help you in your HSC year by identifying areas where you can improve your critical thinking skills. It will be made available to you in Term 4.

You can try a brief demonstration test (of four sample questions) at https://criticalthinking.bostes.nsw.edu.au.


At Xavier, the test is taken voluntarily by Year 11 students, but is compulsory for students studying Advanced English and Mathematics (Advanced).

The test will be conducted on Friday 29 July during Homeroom and Lessons 1-2 in Rooms 601-602.

You will use your Chromebook, as the test is done online. Ensure that the device is fully charged.

You should bring pens or pencils to the test (for rough working). Blank paper will be provided.

You may not bring the following items to the test:

  • Mobile phones, smartwatches or programmable watches
  • Calculators
  • Dictionaries
  • Notes

Students volunteering to take part need to send their name by email to Mr Robinson no later than 10am Monday 25 July.