Uniform Requirements

At Xavier, wearing our uniform correctly displays a sense of pride in ourselves and in our community.  It is expected that students wear correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal grooming and neatness.

  • The wearing of the Full Uniform for exams and formal occasions is required
  • Uniform must be in appropriate condition.  In cases where this is not deemed to be the case, students will be asked to replace items
  • Selected items must have the Xavier High School logo: tracksuit top and pants, polo shirt, sport shorts, hat and girls’ navy trousers
  • Boys are to be clean shaven when attending school
  • Shoes must be 100% leather to be WHS compliant (Non-leather shoes do not meet WHS requirements and must not be worn)

Click here to view the Uniform PDF which outlines the Everyday and Formal Summer & Winter Uniforms.

Acceptable Accessories

  • Earrings: one pair of small, plain, gold or silver sleepers or studs to be worn in the lobe of each ear.
  • Bracelets: one simple bracelet only (medical) 
  • Neck chain: single plain chain
  • Watch
  • Ring: 1 plain band
  • If students have nose piercings, they are to either remove the piercing or wear only a clear nose stud (available for purchase from student reception)
  • Hair must be of a natural colour
  • Hair accessories (eg. ribbons) are to be bottle green or navy blue
  • Students must wear fully enclosed lace-up leather shoes or non-fabric running shoes during practical lessons and Food Technology, Technics and Science Rooms
  • Long hair is to be tied back at all times in practical classes

    It is expected that students wear correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal grooming and neatness.

The school reserves the right to determine the appropriate standard of the uniform

Student Responsibilities

All students at Xavier High School share in the responsibility to maintain the school’s reputation by their wearing of correct uniform.

If a student has a legitimate reason for not being able to wear any item of uniform, a note is required from a parent or guardian.  The note is given to the House Coordinator and a formal exemption is given for the time needed to meet the uniform requirements.  Students who do not produce a note are in breach of school policy and must accept the consequences of their actions.

Students must take the responsibility to get the uniform pass from the office before homeroom.

Any student who presents to the office after homeroom will be issued a detention in line with the Xavier Uniform Policy.

Uniform Suppliers

Xavier High School Uniforms are available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Lowes, Albury:  514 Olive Street, Albury.  Phone – 6021 0793
  • Albury Uniforms and School Wear:  1104 Mate Street, North Albury.  Phone – 6040 9381  
  • Athlete’s Foot: Dean St Albury