Xavier High School is a Catholic high school for students from Years 7 – 12 within the Diocese of Wagga Wagga. We are an outstanding school with high expectations of our students and staff. At Xavier, we put learning first and we are driven to be courageous, challenged, compassionate, collaborative and Christ-like. We offer opportunities for excellence for all. Our pursuance of excellence includes our expectations around presentation and uniform. Correct wearing of uniform reflects our belonging to the Xavier community – one body made up of many parts – and of respect for self, for others and for our environment.

It is an expectation of Xavier High School that all students wear the correct school uniform each day and that the uniform is in an appropriate condition. If students present to school in incorrect uniform, they will be issued with sanctions as detailed below. This includes presenting in inappropriate jewellery. The details of correct uniform items can be found on the page following this policy.

  • Students who present to school without the correct uniform are to present to the office and obtain a Uniform Pass prior to or during Home Room. After three Uniform Passes are issued without a note from home explaining the reasons for being out of uniform it will be considered a Uniform Infringement and the student will incur a Wednesday after school detention. There will be a letter sent home to parents to inform them of the incident and the detention.

Should there be a further instance after the Wednesday afternoon detention, the student (and parents) will be involved in a meeting with the Assistant Principal and/or Principal. At this stage, there will be a discussion of further consequences, which may include internal or external suspension.

For Guidelines on the correct Uniform please click here.

If a family or student is finding it difficult to provide the correct uniform due to financial hardship, they are encouraged to meet with the Business Manager and discuss how the school can help.

For ‘Out Of Uniform Day’ guidelines please refer to the policy below:

Casual Clothes Out Of Uniform Guidelines