Xavier High School is a living expression of the dynamic and evolving tradition of the Catholic Church. We have a responsibility to provide places for those who wish to experience our Christian approach to education.

Specifically Xavier caters for young people from the Parishes of Albury, North Albury, Lavington, Howlong, Holbrook, Corowa and Culcairn.

Xavier High School is committed to:

  • Providing for all baptized Catholics who seek a place where their baptismally-seeded faith may be nurtured.
  • Accepting all who seek a place subject to their confirming their support and respect for the Catholic nature of the schools.

To be considered for enrolment:

  • All students will need to have completed Year 6 or its equivalent.
  • All students will be assessed as to their educational needs prior to the finalization of enrolment.
  • Students with identified special needs will have their particular educational requirements identified by an integration support group. This process will specify all support measures which are to be provided by the school. The school reserves its legal right to determine whether any particular enrolment might constitute an “unjustifiable hardship” under the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • All families must give a written commitment to respect and support the Catholic nature and practices of the school. This includes participation in the formal Religious Education programme and prayer life of each student.
  • All families must give a written commitment to support the school financially in some way. Normally this support would be through the full payment of school fees and levies. Where circumstances dictate that full payment will not be possible, the obligation remains on each family to support the school according to its means with individual arrangements to be set in place.

Discernment Criteria

All eligible applicants will be considered but there is a ceiling to the number of places available in our school; determined by philosophic, financial, physical and industrial factors. If Xavier is unable to provide places for all applicants the following criteria will be applied:

  • Preference will be given to baptized Catholics.
  • Siblings of current students will normally be accepted for enrolment.
  • Baptism within many Christian communions is recognized as valid by the Catholic Church. Special consideration will be given to communicant members of these churches.
  • Children accepted for enrolment at a Catholic primary school.
  • The Principal has the ultimate discretion in accepting enrolments.

Privacy Legislation – Collection Notice

The school collects personal information, including sensitive information about pupils and parents or guardians before and during the course of a pupil’s enrolment at the School. The primary purpose of collecting the information is to enable the School to provide schooling for your son/daughter.