At Xavier High School we strongly believe in the importance of introducing students to digital communication methods, believing this can help engage them, boost interaction with teachers, broaden their learning experience and prepare them for the world of work and further study. We also see great value in the use of technology to streamline administrative processes.

With Google Chromebooks, used in conjunction with Google Apps, Google’s collaboration and communications suite, we hope to improve the in-class educational experience, provide universal computer and Internet access to disadvantaged homes, and build stronger connections between teacher and parent, as well as school and community.

Why Chromebooks

Introduced in June 2011 and powered by the Google Chrome ­operating system, the Chromebook is a unique class of personal computer that combines the functionality of a traditional notebook computer with the convenience of a pure-cloud client in a device the size of a netbook.

Designed for users functioning in a mobile and interactive environment, Google Chromebooks give you access to all the rich resources of the web. Unlike traditional notebooks, Chromebooks are engineered to store files and documents on the web, enabling faster boot times, fast web browsing, instant updates and automatically backed up files.

Without a large internal hard drive, Chromebooks not only deliver extended battery life, but will help safeguard important files. These devices feature built-in virus protection and multiple layers of security to keep documents safe from virus, malware and spyware.

Enrolment/Device Fee

On acceptance of a place at Xavier High School, parents will be asked to pay $200 for their daughter/son. Families who accept a position, but do not take up their place will forfeit this fee. Upon confirmation of your child’s placement, this fee will contribute to the partial cost of a computer device for your son/daughter to use in the classroom. The remainder of the cost of the device is met by the school.