Xavier High School is a living expression of the dynamic and evolving tradition of the Catholic Church. We have a responsibility to provide places for those who wish to experience our Christian approach to education. The following procedure has been established for the enrolment process:

  1. Prospective families obtain a Prospectus and Application for Enrolment  Form from the School. Families with students in the Catholic Primary Schools of the Albury Deanery will receive this documentation as a matter of course.
  2. Families seeking enrolment at the School return the completed Application for Enrolment  Form to the School. All families are required to be interviewed by the Principal or House Coordinator.
  3. Offers of Enrolment are made to applicants in accordance with the School’s Enrolment Policy.
  4. Families who accept an Offer of Enrolment are required to confirm their intention by paying a $200 enrolment fee.
  5. Other information relating to the forthcoming school year is distributed to enrolling families.

Tuition fees make it possible to provide services within the School. See Fee Schedule 2018 Term Instalments

Our Parent Handbook provides and overview of the way Xavier High School operates on a day to day basis. Many of the policies and procedures which allow Xavier to provide a safe and challenging learning environment are included in these pages.

Please note that the School is always open to any enquiries, inspection of School facilities or general assistance. Simply contact the Secretary to the Principal, Mrs Cerina Meredith.