Dramatic Minds Festival 2016

The Dramatic Minds Festival is a mental health promotion event which engages young people in a creative way to explore the issues associated with mental health amongst the youth.

Adolescence and young adulthood is the age of peak onset of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Around 1 in 4 young people aged 16-24 experience mental health problems during adolescence.

Students from private, public and independent schools across the region were  invited to take part in the Dramatic Minds Festival, targeting performing arts classes from Yrs 9-11. The students were asked to research, write and perform an original 10 minute play on their chosen topic of youth mental health.

This morning, five of our very talented Xavier students headed down to the Hothouse Theatre ready to perform in front of their peers, fellow schools, families and friends.
Various schools across our region combined forces to help end the stigma and shine the light on mental health, these included: Albury High, Trinity, Murray High, James Fallon and Xavier.

Each School provided a story that provoked high emotion, raw reality and the sheer destruction mental health can place upon our youth.
Each School group displayed a unique and riveting performance around different areas associated with mental health including anxiety, stress and addiction.
Grasping a hold of these key areas,  they pealed away the realities of the cause and effect on young peoples daily lives.

Thank you to everyone from Xavier who came down to support. We are extremely proud of our Dramatic Minds group, and our fellow schools of Albury/Wodonga, well done to all!

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