Devising & Commedia

Recently Year 11 and Year 10 Drama students attended a ‘Group Devising’ workshop with actor Mish Grigor from Sydney based Belvoir Theatre Company. The workshops were split over two days and involved tapping into our creative brains and sparking ideas over and over again, distilling what to keep and what to let go of. Then there is the challenge of moulding these concepts into a structure that is entertaining and effective.

The workshop also gave students the opportunity to explore devising work from visual, factual, physical and musical inspirations. Through exercises they learnt the skills necessary to devise their own work and now have an extensive tool kit of skills to apply to their Year 10 Commedia duos and Year 11 Group devised unit of work.

Year 10 also experienced an Introduction to Commedia masks with clowning expert Rachel McNamara.

Throughout the workshop the students displayed energy and enthusiasm and are to be commended.

  • Alanah Davis hard at work
  • Imara Buchanan, Samantha Van Dorssen
  • Year 10 drama students creating family portraits_Nicole Snell, Bella Medcraft,Natasha Booth and Sarah Schneider
  • Lily Ratcliffe-Reid Abbey Read, Madeleine Morgan and Nick Keogh
  • Warm up the voice and body before performing
  • photo 4