At Xavier High School we foster teaching and learning which meets the needs of each student and best prepares them for modern life, encourages independent thinking, learning and decision-making. Xavier High School is committed to providing an enriching experience for every student in our care, promoting excellence and extending our students through a challenging and values laden curriculum.

All of our students are important and each is encouraged to do their best. Xavier High School fosters a cooperative environment of challenge and innovation. Learning is valued and specific strategies are employed to promote students’ use of efficient and effective tools for learning. We encourage both our staff and students to view learning as a continuous process, with excellence and improvement always our primary goals.

The quest for quality education motivates everything that our staff and students strive to achieve. Every effort is made to assist students to reach their full potential. At Xavier High School we offer a broad curriculum designed to cater for the needs of all students.

As well as a commitment to the traditional academic subjects we encourage the development of important and valued skills which serve to broaden the students’ horizons. We acknowledge the importance of a well rounded education and value the involvement of students in a wide range of cultural, social, sporting and community activities.

Faculty Areas