Coloured Clothes Day – September 7

Next Thursday, September 7 there will be a gold coin donation for coloured clothes day held to raise funds for The Mercy International Foundation.  Aquinas house will also be holding a sausage sizzle on this day. Our very own Mr and Mrs Ryan will be a part of this year’s group and we wish them the best in their travels and praise them for their amazing dedication to the foundation.

Please click here to read the dress code guidelines for any causal clothes day.

Below is the speech given by Ella Martin and Sally Wallace who both took part in this life changing experience back in 2015.

The Mercy International Foundation is a non-profit organisation which exists to give underprivileged and disadvantaged children, such as orphans a life with future and hope. It was founded in 1985 by Rob and Jean Dunk through the support of their church in the city of Brisbane, Australia. It has since established 3 Christian orphanages in locations across Thailand.

My name is Ella and this is Sally, and we took part in this life changing experience back in 2015. Every year, a group from Albury departs for Thailand, lead by the legendary Mr Shanahan of St Patrick’s School. This years group departs at the beginning of the school holidays and will spend 2 weeks in and out of the children homes, assisting in maintenance and repair, working with children and carers and supplying the homes with the life essentials that we take for granted.

In the City of Khon Kaen, the orphanage is home to 40 plus HIV positive babies, children and teenagers who are provided with protection and support by organisations, including Mercy International, to address their medical needs. Although they are stuck with an incurable disease, donations, medical supplies and the work of volunteers have provided the children with better quality of life and life skills that enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle with their condition.

Phetchabun Children’s village is the largest of the 3 orphanages located in rural Thailand and is home to over 90 children and young adults living in 7 family orientated homes, each with its own carer. Mercy International established a christian school for the orphanage, which began with 90 kindergarten children. Residents in the surrounding 19 villages requested to send their children to this school and it now has over 1000 students from preschool through to high school. Children are supplied with transport to and from the school, as well as their uniforms, lunches and school supplies free of charge, all thanks to the donations and support they receive from the foundation. The school also employs over 80 staff, providing jobs for the local community.

In Phrae, Northern Thailand is the third children’s village, which only 6 years ago housed and cared for 13 babies and toddlers. Today, over 40 children reside here and a recently finished school has been built thanks to the generous help from volunteers and financial assistance. Most of the children can speak fluent English and are progressing beyond the usual academic level of children their age in Thailand.