Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week!! The theme for our Diocese is ‘We are Greater Together’.

Catholic Schools Week aims is to raise awareness of the strengths of Catholic schools and highlight the significant contribution the Catholic education sector makes to the state and nation. The week is an opportunity to share with the broader community the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day.

Let us pray……….

In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Loving God,

We come together today to thank you for the gift of Catholic Schools. As we begin to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, with the theme “We are Greater Together”, help us to be always aware of the blessing of our community and the chance for each of us to be members of it. We thank you for the opportunity to attend a school where we can live out your Gospel, and be shaped as your disciples.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,


Please view the PDF below for more information surrounding Catholic Schools Week.
CSW 2018 A5 Booklet