Friendly reminder to all parents of the school’s fee levy policy, that school fees must be cleared at the end of each term. This year’s Term 1 fees are to be cleared by 13 April 2018.
Any family that wishes to vary their payments from the school’s policy are requested to contact Business Manager, Phil Densten on email
If a family is facing genuine financial hardship, they are encouraged to contact Phil Densten (on the above-mentioned email address) to arrange a mutually suitable time to meet and discuss. We have a successful record of assisting members of our school community facing financial stress with their fee payments.
Term 2 School Fees will be charged to fee accounts on 20 April 2018. Fee statements will be emailed to parents on that day. Those parents who have not supplied their email address (or who have recently changed their email address) are requested to inform details to Phil so that he can attend to adjustment of personal details.


In line with all other schools across Australia, students in Year 7 and 9 will be sitting the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. These tests are designed to assist schools in monitoring student progress across the different stages of learning.  After some trials last year, the move to run NAPLAN as an online test in 2018 has been scaled back. A small proportion of schools in New South Wales will use the online platform, however, the vast majority, including Xavier High School, will undertake a pen and paper test.


The dates for the tests are as follows:


  • Tuesday the 15th of May – Language Conventions (45 minutes) and Writing (40 minutes)
  • Wednesday the 16th of May – Reading (65 minutes)
  • Thursday the 17th of May – Numeracy (60 minutes)


Should you wish to find out more about NAPLAN in 2018, please see the link below.


NAPLAN – Information for Parents


Kind Regards

Mrs Nicole Morton
Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning
Mr Andrew Gibson
Leader of Curriculum


Please wear your school uniform with pride these holidays as a sign of respect to recognise those men and women who served in name of our country


April 25th, 2018

Join the staff and students of XHS at one or all of the following

Monument Hill Dawn Service:

Commences at 5.30am. Please wear your full winter uniform but bring a coat. A free shuttle bus service will operate for the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Monument Hill, departing SS and A Club car park from 5am. Bookings essential, please phone –(02) 6041 2222   Car access will be severely restricted on both sides of Monument Hill at this time so be prepared to walk the hill in the dark if not on a bus.

ANZAC Day Parade (Dean Street):

All students participating in the parade will line up in Spencer Street at 8.30am. Please look for the Xavier banner. Students will march the length of Dean Street and finish in Townsend Street. PLEASE WEAR FULL WINTER FORMAL UNIFORM (INCLUDING BLUE JUMPERS NOT YR12 JERSEYS). Students are encouraged to wear the medals of family members but these should be worn on your RIGHT side – only service people are entitled to wear them on their LEFT. 

Monument Hill Morning Service:

Please join us and support Xavier as our school Captains lay a wreath on our behalf. This service commences at 10am.


Dear Parents and Guardians Year 7 Best Start Trial Test Best Start Year 7 is a literacy and numeracy assessment package for schools to use in the first five weeks of Year 7 from 2019. It is designed to assist teachers to identify students at risk of falling behind in literacy and numeracy and to more effectively target teaching for students. The assessment package will include online tests and links to syllabus, the literacy and numeracy learning progressions and support material.

Year 7 students will participate in a trial of the Best Start Year 7 online assessment questions in week 10. Details of specific times can be found below. The primary purpose of this trial is to test the reliability of the questions not to assess students. Accordingly, no individual student reports will be provided, however, the school will be provided with some preliminary information and links to syllabus outcomes and learning progressions.

Please click on the following PDF to read the full document 
Yr 7 Best Start Trial Test

Take out a contract on your kid’s phone – literally

A digital contract is the first step to prevent abuse before it happens, say experts. It allows parents to set the terms of use for responsible digital citizenship. In recognition of the National Day of Action Against Bullying, 16 March, Family Zone is making a sample contract available as a free, printable download.

For Australian kids today, it’s not a case of if they’ll experience online bullying. It’s a case of when.

That’s not alarmist fear-mongering. It’s the highly informed opinion of experts like Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant and acclaimed cyber expert and clinical psychologist Jordan Foster of ySafe.

One in five Australian children were cyberbullied last year, and official figures show the pace of problem is accelerating fast. So is the panic.

The state of our nation

The shocking death of Amy “Dolly” Everett raised alarms across the nation this year, in schools, among parents, and across the political spectrum. The 14-year-old Northern Territory schoolgirl took her own life after relentless bullying on social media.

In the wake of the tragedy, today’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence has taken on unprecedented urgency.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has contacted every school principal in Australia in a call for united action to combat the problem at the school level. And his government has put money where its mouth is, with a $1.3 million injection to support today’s Day of Action.

COAG will tackle the issue at its March meeting, thanks to a move by Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszdzuk that gained instant bi-partisan support.

A Senate committee is currently considering the adequacy of our nation’s criminal laws around cyberbullying. Meanwhile calls to ban smartphones in Australian schools are provoking widespread debate, as rates of homeschooling have reportedly spiked.

But where do I begin?

A social media safety specialist, 28-year-old Jordan Foster can relate to both sides of the equation: the teens who see social media as their lifeline, and the mums and dads who are increasingly frantic to protect them from online abuse.

Foster speaks to parent and school groups across Australia every week. “But where do I begin?” is the most common question she gets asked.

Her answer? A digital contract – a formal written agreement, with terms and conditions set by parents, to be signed by kids before taking their first swipe on a personal device.

“The digital contract is the best first step a parent can take. I’ve seen it in action time and again. Establishing a contract kickstarts that tough family conversation that most mums and dads know they should have with their kids, but may feel out of their depth to initiate.

“I’m not saying a digital contract is a magic bullet – cyberbullying is a very complex problem, it demands a complex set of responses. But I know for certain it’s a practical step that parents can take right now – and it will help enormously.”

No contract, no connection

“Congratulations! You’ve got a new phone! Before it’s yours, you need to agree to some ground rules: Remember this phone is only on loan to you. It is a privilege which can and will be taken away if you don’t follow this contract.”

In partnership with Family Zone Cyber Safety, Foster has created a digital contract for use by parents, which opens with these words. It goes on to spell out in clear language the Do’s and Dont’s the child must agree to, including things like providing passwords to parents, abstaining from use during mealtimes and answering promptly if a parent calls or texts.

Foster also recommends that parents sign an undertaking, vowing to be “firm but fair” when discipline problems arise and to “work through problems and solutions together.”

Kids who are too young to read or understand such a contract shouldn’t have access to a personal device at all, according to Foster.

As for those who refuse to agree to the contract forfeit their rights to the use of the device. Full stop. “No contract, no connection, no exceptions,” says Foster.  And it’s for this reason that she advocates parents paying for their child’s plan. (“It gives you tremendous leverage – and most parents never use it.”)

But what about kids who already have a personal device, and have never had any rules around using it? “It’s never too late,” she advises. “Don’t do anything by force. But explain to your child that you made a mistake – that’s a brave thing for a parent to do, I know – and you are now going to correct it.

Make it clear that this is not a punishment, but rather that you are doing what a responsible digital parent has to do.”

And what better day to get the ball rolling than the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence?

Download your FREE contract


Please access their webpage here for further information and tips