Case of School Sores

There has been a case of impetigo (school sores) in our school and your child may have been exposed.

Although impetigo is not usually a serious condition, it is very infectious, and if not treated promptly, complications may occasionally occur.Impetigo causes small blisters on the skin which break and become covered with a yellow crust.  It commonly affects the hands and the face.  If you suspect your child has impetigo you should attend your GP for confirmation and treatment.

If your child is diagnosed with impetigo, please advise us at school.  This information will be kept confidential.

Common symptoms of impetigo

Common symptoms of impetigo include:

  • The skin itches and reddens
  • A collection of blisters forms, commonly around the nose and mouth
  • The blisters pop and weep a yellow, sticky fluid
  • The area develops a raised and wet-looking crust
  • The scab dries and falls off
  • The skin completely heals after a few days.

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