The Yr 10 Food Tech class cooked meals for Carevan as part of their unit on food equity. Each week the Carevan staff drop off ingredients from Foodshare Albury Wodonga. It was our job to turn them into meals that were then delivered to the homeless and needy around our area. Most of our meals are delivered to the children living in the West Albury area and they loved our cooking!

Students were awarded a certificate of appreciation for their enthusiasm and efforts. To end our unit of work, students had to research street foods and set up a street stall to sell food at lunchtime. The stalls proved to be a huge success and the 300 Quad was busy with students enjoying jam doughnuts, spring rolls, souvlaki, burritos and samosas. The $330 profit from stalls was donated to Carevan.  A big congratulations to all students involved.

Below are some images of the students receiving their certificates from Carevan.

Jo Hall