Careers @ Xavier

Xavier offers many opportunities to Students in Years 10, 11 and 12. All students in these years have access to the following

  • Xavier High Careers – a website separate to the school website and loaded with up to date and relevant information & links about apprenticeships, university options and everything a school leaver needs to know about joining the workforce
  • WDYDI Guide 2013 – Kindly produced and donated to Careers Advisers by NAPSA NSW/ACT – in invaluable resource to help students know where to go for the course they want
  • Tax File No applications – handled within school (see Mr Harrington)
  • Work experience at any time until graduation
  • Charles Sturt University MY DAYS
  • Experience Latrobe University days
  • Xavier High School Careers room
  • Army Day
  • Various vacation schools and during school learning opportunities and activities in areas such as Medicine, Engineering and Computing
  • A variety of local apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies emailed to students and advertised on Xavier High Careers
  • Doing VET courses at Xavier and Albury TAFE
  • Weekly Victorian and NSW Career bulletins emailed to students and posted on Xavier High Careers, including many opportunities for students at numerous public and private tertiary institutions mainly in NSW and Victoria
  • Year 11 & 12 Students have the opportunity to attend Tertiary day: which most Victorian and NSW universities and TAFE colleges attended. Many private colleges were also present.
  • Year 12 Students also are given the opportunity to hear Guest speakers from local tertiary institutions including Charles Sturt University, Latrobe University and Albury TAFE, Latitude, University of Wollongong, and are information sessions on pathways, UAI, applying for university and TAFE places
  • There is a “Futures Are Us” program of 2 hours per week over an 8 period for year 10 students struggling with school and keen on acquiring transition to work related skills in such areas as resume writing, communication and interviewing.
  • Year 9 students can do work experience once they turned fifteen.

Work Placement

Students are required to complete this Work Placement Insurance Form prior to commencing their Work Placement. This is a Work Place, Health and Safety requirement. Please download the form, complete it and hand to the Careers Advisor prior to commencing any work placement.

Under 17 and wanting to leave school?

If you’re under 17 and want to leave school, your options have been affected by a recent change in the law in NSW. From January 2010 you must complete Year 10 and then continue in either full-time education, training, paid employment or a combination of these options until you’re at least 17 years of age.

Completing Year 10 will open up more opportunities for a better education, more training and work experience which means more choices for life after school.

  1. After Year 10 and until the age of 17 students must be:
    • in school, or registered for home schooling OR
    • in approved education or training OR
    • in full-time, paid employment (average 25 hours/week) OR
    • in a combination of these
  2. This applies to students who complete Year 10 in 2009 and to all subsequent years.

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About the NSW Record of School Achievement (RoSA)

In 2011, the NSW Government announced the ending of the School Certificate, a credential that had existed since 1965.

It also announced that, for students choosing to leave school before the completion of their HSC, the School Certificate would be replaced by a broader, cumulative record of achievement; the NSW Record of School Achievement (RoSA). This new credential will affect students in Year 10 from 2012 onwards.

The RoSA will:

  • be a record of achievement for students who leave school prior to receiving their HSC report results of moderated, school based assessment, no texternal tests (i.e. past School Certificate exams)
  • be available when a student leaves school any time after they complete Year 10
  • be cumulative and recognise a student’s achievements until the point they officially sign out of the school
  • show a result for all courses completed in Year 10 and Year 11 (The RoSA records completed Stage 5 and Preliminary Stage 6 courses and grades, and participation in any uncompleted Preliminary Stage 6 courses.)
  • Any time a student or school wants an up-to-date snapshot of a student’s academic progress, a transcript called a Student eRecord can be accessed via Schools Online or Students Online and printed or emailed.
  • be able to be reliably compared between students across NSW
  • be comprehensive and offer the ability to record a student’s extracurricular achievements.
  • give students the option to take online literacy and numeracy tests
  • Students who go on to complete the HSC will see all their Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12) courses and results on their HSC.
  • If a student leaves school before receiving a grade in Year 11 or Year 12 courses, their RoSA will record the courses they commenced.
  • This measure acknowledges the fact that some students begin senior secondary study but then leave school for employment or other training opportunities before receiving their HSC.

Literacy and numeracy tests

Students who leave school prior to the HSC will take online literacy and numeracy tests at a point close to their departure. This measure will provide participating students with a current supplementary assessment of these key skills.

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