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Love photography and music? Have you considered combining these passions and pursuing a career as a music photographer? Michelle Grace Hunder is a leading music photographer based in Melbourne.

She has worked with musicians such as Briggs, Seth Sentry, Urthboy, Camp Cope, Missy Higgins, Illy, and Gang of Youths.

Michelle is self-taught and didn’t pick up a camera until the age of 31. She initially studied sports science at university and worked in sports marketing and event management. She then worked in film before finding her true passion in music photography.

Not only does Michelle shoot music events, she also tours with musicians, and shoots promotional material for album covers, press releases and tour posters. The Weekly Career News recently asked Michelle to provide tips for young people starting out in a career in music photography:

It can be daunting when you first start as there are so many people trying to make it in music photography.

  • Start shooting for a local publication and request the gigs no one else wants to shoot. Smaller less glamourous gigs are where you get the best practice for later on.
  • And shoot LOTS! I was shooting 3-4 gigs a week when I first started. I did so many live shoots in the early days just to get known and get my name out there. That was really important. There are no shortcuts, its really just about getting really good so people notice your work.
  • Develop your style and what makes your photos stand out from others! Don’t copy other people, work out your own vibe!”


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