Breaking Bard: Shakespeare’s Clowns and Ratbags

Believe it or not, not every Shakespearean character is a lovelorn fool like poor Romeo or an Emo sad-sack who listens to Morrissey all day and cuts himself at night like Hamlet. No, when The Bard felt like it he could write some truly evil characters. They encompass the worst of human characteristics, but their motives are often very real and surprisingly easy to relate to: jealousy, heartbreak, bitterness… all of the ugly things that bring out the worst in all of us.

Tonight at the Hothouse Theatre students, James Richardson, Maddison Creamer, Madelyn Van Emmerik, Katy Dowling, Jaymie Bradley, Emerald Conney
Ebony Madew, Bre Knobel and Lily Pickles will perform Generate: Shakespeare’s Clowns and Ratbags which shows us the fascinating evil characters from Shakespeare’s works that are maniacal, mischievous, and sometimes just plain dumb!

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When: Wednesday 17 June
Time: 7.30pm
Students from Scots School, Xavier High School, and the HotHouse Studio Ensemble will be performing.

Where: The Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Island, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
Tickets: Full $20 / Students-Concession $15 / Family $55 (2 adults/2 kids)

To book call:
Phone: 02 6021 7433 or

Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream Actors James Richardson Emerald Cooney Katy Dowling Maddison Creamer
Ebony Madew as Katharina and Madelyn Van Emmerik as Pertuchio from Taming of the Shrew
Emerald Conney as the narrator. Maddison Creamer as Bottom from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Lily Pickles as Juliet and Jaymie Bradley as the nurse