Blue Tongues impress at the NSW All Schools AFL Championships

Last week Tom O’Brien, Cooper Boyle, Ben Williams, Rohan Gates, Jaara Moran and Jaxon Crowe represented Xavier as a part of the Southern NSW Combined Catholic Colleges U15 Australian Football team (the Blue Tongues). Their team competed in the NSW All Schools AFL Championships in Sydney against 8 other teams from around the state.

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The boys played well throughout the 3 day carnival and represented Xavier well. At the completion of the carnival the NSW All Schools AFL team of 25 players was selected to compete at the National Championships in Geelong in August. Jaara Moran was successful in making the NSW All Schools team, which is a great achievement and testament to his outstanding talents. Well done and congratulations to all the boys for their fine efforts throughout the carnival.

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Mark Sanson
NSW CCC Southern Coach