Our heartfelt congratulations go to Matilda Maroney whose artwork ‘Progress-ion?’ has been selected for the prestigious ARTEXPRESS exhibitions at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney and Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. ARTEXPRESS is a series of exhibitions that take place over an eleven month period that showcase exemplary artworks from the Higher School Certificate.

To receive a nomination such as this reveals the examiners acknowledgment of the outstanding quality of Matilda’s work.

This year 9170 students embarked upon the HSC Visual Arts Course with ONLY 200 chosen for the ARTEXPRESS exhibition across a variety of venues. These statistics are testament to the extremely high level that Matilda has attained.

Well done Matilda! We are very proud of you and the high standards that you consistently worked towards.


Maroney, Matilda


A word from the artist….

Individual conceptions of progress may not always produce the same picture.  My work represents the transition from organic to structured, natural to man-made, traditional to technological. Engaging with the handmade practice of ink drawing on paper I explored organic, almost vein and root-like images. These were then scanned and transformed using software, increasingly combined with urban imagery, and cut using laser technology. As the work evolved the hand of the artist became more removed. Consequently, the process echoes the physicality of the work. Natural patterns and materials yield to a plastic embodiment of industrialised society.