Albury/Wodonga Interschool Chess Competition

On 2nd November, 6 students travelled to Grace Christian College (formerly Mount Carmel Christian School), Wodonga to compete in the Albury / Wodonga interschool chess competition.
The team consisted of Will Young, Declan Brady, Jack Jankauskas and Euan Gibson from year 11 and Sam Naughton and Kostas Klironomakis from year 7. Each player played 7 matches against students from Grace Christian College, Scots and Yarrawonga College. These matches were timed, with students only having 15 minutes of thinking time for the whole game – and using the timers added another stressful dimension to an already challenging game.
Our students performed admirably, with our top 4 (the year 11 students) gaining 15 points between them which was enough for second place. Everyone learnt something about chess strategy across the day and represented Xavier High School with pride and sportsmanship.
The following day, 3rd November, the Year 11 players competed in the Riverina chess competition against Finley High School. Four students from Finley visited Xavier, and our students won three of those four matches, taking us into the next round. Congratulations Euan, Jack, Declan and Will.