Adventurous Thinking & Innovation With Sally Dominguez

Earlier this Term Year 11 Visual Arts & Design & Technology students had the privilege of spending a day with Sally Dominguez at Xavier. Sally is an Innovation Catalyst. As a multi-award-winning Inventor, Adventurer, Journalist and Educator, Sally has unique experience practicing, observing, teaching and advocating for innovation. Many will remember Sally as a judge on the ABC TV Series ’The New Inventors’. Sally is currently also working with NASA’s Ames Innovation Lab, CISCO and Mattel. She is also teaching Innovation at Stanford University.


Sally worked with our students, pushing them to seek innovative and unexpected solutions, expanding their thinking into new places and spaces while also building new neural pathways and networks! She brought great energy, experience and real world wisdom to 21st Century design thinking, questioning and problem solving. She was able to highlight to students the remarkable and unique value of their creative studies and capacities in the international marketplace and innovation industries. This was an amazing and inspiring opportunity and Xavier can’t wait to have her back again!